Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday is Weigh-day

I lost .6lb this week! Not so exciting after seeing 4.4 last week, but I'll take it. I've lost 10 grand total now. I weigh 152. A pair of size 10 khakis in my closet went from too tight to too loose in 1 month.

Something I've learned: Plan ahead. Not to hard for me as I am a chronic plan-a-holic. If I know I'm going to be out running errands all day, I pack lunch and snacks. I've found it difficult to eat out and not blow half of my day's points. What are some items ya'llve found at fast food restaurants that aren't too bad? 1 taco is 4 pts, soft or hard. I've heard Subway isn't bad. I think you have to get turkey, no cheese, mustard, and whatever veggies on a 6 inch.

If ya'll don't start commenting, I'll lose motivation to keep this blog up.


  1. I was thinking today as I came in school (your back was too me), that your pants were too big! Ha! What a great problem to have!!! I'll be checking in on the recipes. I'm kind of combining the Arbonne program with some WW recipes for the evenings. We'll see how it goes! 7 lbs. so far in a little over two weeks. I'm super motivated!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss, your doing great. I have 6 more pounds to go till I reach my goal weight, planning ahead is the key