Friday, June 3, 2011

Susan Update

Whoops! Last Wed., I'd gained 1.8lb. I knew it was coming, so this week, my goal is to get it back off. I ran last night at 6pm, and it was HOT. The index was 101. It's gonna be a long, tough summer, but bring it on! The more sweat, the more calories burned, right?! Anyhow, despite my gain, I still made lifetime member. Woot! Woot! Since I weighed on June 1, I don't have to go back til sometime in July. I'm glad for that, but it's gonna be weird not checking in weekly. I'll probably go near the end of July since June includes a girls trip to Chicago where I plan to indulge in their famous deep dish pizza as well as a Chicago-style hotdog or 2. Then, I get back for a few days and head to Florida for a week where the daiquiris and beers will be flowing. Eating-wise it shouldn't be too bad there though since I plan to eat lots of seafood which is low in points and we'll cook most meals in our condo. I also plan to run at least twice that week, if not daily. We're taking a sitter, so it'll be easier than usual to go for a run if I so desire. So, after all that is said and done, I'll have to tighten up and get back to the grind for a weigh-in.

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