Monday, May 9, 2011


Hope all you Momma's had a great weekend! We deserve it!

Last week, I lost 1 more pound for a total of 19. I'm now 143. I love to go shopping and try on clothes now. It's so much more fun when stuff fits and looks good! Just wish I had endless funds. I've really only bought 2 new things, a pair of shorts and a top. I need bottoms badly. I might be hosting a designer jean party soon. Let me know if you're interested. You get them 25-50% less than in stores.
Although I'm 'maintaining', I'm secretly wanting to loose 3 more! Running clinic is over so I am going to try so hard to stay as diligent about exercising at least twice a week!
I kinda splurged on Mother's Day weekend. Fried fish on Saturday night and fried chicken on Sunday. Oops! Fingers crossed the scale doesn't scream at me Wednesday!


  1. I wish you could do Boot Camp with me in NLR, I really want to try it. Groupon has it for $45.00 right now.

    I plan to come to your Jean party, email me your direction to your place later. I will mark my calendars, is it kid free?

  2. Su! I just commented on Leah and wanted to let you know that you look amazing! You girls are such an encouragment... I'm pumped now. Best wishes on your maintaining phase... you look GREAT!! HOT MOMMA!!!