Thursday, May 12, 2011

Weigh in

I weighed in Monday, the 9th, and I have been battling food issue for weeks now, I had a hard last week. My grandad died, leaving me grandparent less, it is so strange to walk around in life knowing a part of you die with them. Every Wednesday for 4 years I would go to my grandad's house and visit with him and let my kids play in his house and show him pictures, tell him stories, and it is the best memory I will could have and will always treasure. He died one day before my milestone anniversary of 5 years to my husband. We laid my grandads to rest last week and it was sad but happy too, I know in my heart he is happy to be in Heaven with my grandmother, his brothers, dad, mom, and sister, and his best friend. So I am happy for him to be reunited with his loved ones and pain free. He dies from the battle of Parkinson Disease. It is so awful to watch someone you love go through that everyday and slowing watch them loose their Independence and witter away. It killed me to watch him in his final day, the day he died, Friday April 28th I got to see him one last time, and I prayed over him for God to keep him safe and for him to be happy again and for my grandmother to take good care of him. I know that is what he wanted all along.
Anyways with all that said I been binge eating here and there, and you know how much food you get at funerals, well I ate alot of that, and me and my hubby did go to Branson for our Anniversary so I ate more and more. I was surprised that I lost a pound putting me at 142.00 still gain too much I am shooting for 136 but it is so hard, I may have to be happy at 140, I am happy right now with my weigh and love that everyone talks about how skinny I am now, makes you feel so good. So cheer me on as I go for another pound loss this week. I will be changing my weigh in day to either Friday or Saturday so my points renew on the weekend when I eat out the most. Thanks.

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