Thursday, April 14, 2011

New I-Phone App

I found a new app on the I-Phones that make it easier to calulate your points, all you have to do is scan the barcode!!! It is called Fooducate and it is a free app, all you do is scann the barcode of what you are eating and it will tell you the food point, they are usally half points, so I round up, I hate half points! It also tells you if the meal or food is good or bad for you. Example I scanned a Healthy Choice Sweet and Tangy Chicken BBQ meal with corn and a apple crisp desert with it, it came back that it is 7.5 points rounded up to 8 wwplus point, then it says to LOOK OUT, it is not 100% grain, and it is HEAVILY PROCESSED! It gives you alternatives too, to go with instead of that, nad it rates your product with a grade, mine was a B. ENJOY, this is going to be a lifesaver at the stores. I wish WW would put their WW Caculate on I-Phone and not just Verison Phones, that would be the best App Ever.

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  1. Shoot, it requires the iphone 4.0 update software. I'll see if I can get that so I can get this app. Sounds great. I've been using the other one you mentioned in store. It's wonderful, but time-consuming.