Monday, April 18, 2011

So, weigh-day is tomorrow this week. I have to go on a field trip with my son (twins in tow) Wednesday, and I don't like the Thursday instructor as ya'llve heard. And, since I plan to start maintenance this week, I want Melissa (who also does Tues.) who'll talk to me and get it started. However, since I went Thursday last week, I've only had 4 days to make progress and lose more lbs, including the weekend, so I'm afraid weigh-in won't be great. Fingers crossed.

I'm making the cauliflower mashed potatoes tonight for dinner, so stay tuned for that pic, recipe, and judgement. Accompanying it with a tilapia fillet and some green beans. Extra light tonight!

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  1. I've made the calflower mash potatoes once and hated it, not tasty at all. I do love sweet potato fries though on the old WW system it was 1 point a serving.