Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Week

This week has been a busy off week for me, I have had 0 time to work-out due to gettign ready for hte big wedding day of my sister. I have spent everyday this week preparing for her wedding with laundry, getting primped up, and getting kids groomed nicely! I just hope it does not show on the scale Sunday, I actually cant weight in til Monday mornign since I will not be back in town till then. I have been trying really hard to eat good food still. Tuesday was the worst we had pictures in Chenal Pomernade and the kids would not behave and I was so sleepy and so I drove to Zackby's to use our free repeat day ticket and induldged in the Chicken Finger Plate and a Dt. Coke that was 25 point!!!! I calulated though and moved on. I can't wait to get back on schedule next week.

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