Tuesday, April 12, 2011


If you're a beer drinker like me, buy Budweiser's Select 55s. They're 0 points. Now if I have more than one, and I usually do, I count 1 pt. for 2 cause I don't want to cheat myself. But, you know light beer is 3 points, so this has single-handedly saved my diet. There's 0 fat, 1.9 carb, like .9 protein, 0 fiber. I calculated it, trust me.

Also, yummy cheese fries. Seth and I made these as an appetizer one Friday night as we were grilling our steaks. Very good. Only 3 points. Serves 4, so you get 1/2 potato each. Great alternative to hitting up the McD's drive through when you want some french fries!

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