Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday is Weigh-day for Susan

I lost 2.2 lb last week! I am happy! Actually, I was with 1.2, but ecstatic when I realized she messed up on the math. I'm at 149.8 and was 152 last week! So, grand total loss 12.2 in 6 weeks. So, I surpassed my original goal but am definitely not done! I think I'm setting my sights on 140 now. So 9.8 to go. Am I being overzealous? I'm scared cause I know the second half is harder than the first, right? Especially, 'that last 5 lbs!'

Exercise: I don't use my activity points. Do ya'll? I mean I generally only wrack up 5 or 6 a week anyhow with my 2, 30 minute runs (I'm participating in the free Women Can Run Clinic in Maumelle.) and a couple nights on the bowflex. I think exercise is an important part of weight loss for sure though. Although it might make the scale go down slower cause of muscle gain, it helps the inches go down faster cause of the tightening.

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  1. Congrat Susan, I don't ever use my activity point either, I try not to use my extra Allowable points, I did use a few this week, but for the most part I have never used them all. I reached my WW goal as they say, but I am shooting for to loose 6 more pounds to be at where I want to be satisfied. It will be hard, but with ya'lls help I can do it.