Thursday, April 14, 2011


I lost 1.2 last week! 13.4 total since Feb. 24! I'm at 148.6. Here's my plan. Next week, no matter what, I'm gonna say I'm at my goal. Then, I'll maintain for 6 weeks (or maybe lose a little more). Then, by the summer months, I'll be lifetime and only have to go once a month. I can't imagine going weekly with all 3 kids in tow. The twins are hard enough to haul in, entertain during meeting, and haul out. I asked if I could temporarily move my membership to online then come back to meetings in the Fall. They said I'd have to rejoin cause the 2 are not compatible (which I think is stupid), so I'm working the system. I plan and hope to lose more. I think I'd like to be between 140-145. I called the LR office to ask questions afterwards cause the Thursday instructor, Susan, whom I'm not too fond of, kinda put me off when I tried to ask her. I heart Melissa on Wednesdays though. Anyhow, once a lifetimer, you can be UNDER goal, but no more than 2 over. So setting "goal" (on paper) a tad higher than what you actually want is good in my mind. So, when I come back from vacation heavier, as long as no more than 2+, I still don't have to pay. And since I should be several pounds under "goal" cause my real goal is less, that shouldn't happen unless I gain 5+ in one week! That make sense? Haha.
Anyone know what happens during the maintenance stage? Do you get more points or what?

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